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He then takes control of the central position, which, he reckons, would give him total control over the flow of the game. She pauses for the first time, but after a moment, she counters his move. Realizing there are no viable options left to him, Meruem surrenders. Irritated, he claims Komugi knew his strategy was a refuted variation, which she confirms, and asks her why she hesitated. Her recount marks the first time Meruem has listened to someone for that long.

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These jobs included those of the finance and marketing staff. This is a result of making the support functions run central rather than by divisions. The group has found several redundancies in their structure, making the five operating divisions into three. This will certainly help them cut costs and perhaps be able to save a few bingo clubs in the process. They have estimated their savings to about ten million pounds in a year.

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