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How to Fix an Overgrown Garden

Has your garden grown out of control? Don’t panic, an overgrown garden is merely temporary and can easily be fixed with these following tips.

Remove Debris and Weeds

It’s unfortunate to hear, however, there is no shortcut around the dirty work. In order to begin revitalising your garden, you will need to begin by removing all debris and weeds. Once all the weeds are removed, everything should already look much better. It is much easier to remove weeds on a regular basis so do keep this in mind for next time.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Once all the unruly weeds are removed, the next step is to prune all overgrown trees and shrubs. Take care to only remove dead or oddly shaped branches. Pruning will help make your garden look neater and more structured.

Barricade Plants

Now is the time to decide the fate of your overgrown plants. One option is to barricade them in order to prevent them from overtaking the garden a second time. This is especially important if the invasive plant in question has negative effects on surrounding plants (i.e. if it suffocates neighbouring plants).

Reshuffle or Remove Plants

An alternative to barricading plants is to reshuffle or remove them. Some plants may pose a problem if they become overgrown in a certain area in your garden, however, they no longer pose a threat if they are moved. This is an excellent way to maximise your resources as you will not need to purchase or nurture any new plants. If you have plants that are no longer worth keeping, think about removing them and starting fresh. In instances where a garden has been abandoned for an extensive period of time, this may be the best option.

Seek Professional Help

If everything becomes all too overwhelming, you can always turn to the professionals for help. RealDeal provide lawn and garden services (including overgrown garden services) across Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Get in touch today to discuss your unique situation and specific needs.

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