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How to Fix Buckled Carpet

What is buckling carpet?
When buckling occurs, there are visible ripples, waves or wrinkles in the carpet. Sections of the carpet may seem to rise up, causing an uneven surface. It can be caused by humidity, dragging heavy items, improper installation or incorrect underpad.

How to fix a buckled carpet
If you have a buckled carpet, it needs to be re-stretched. It is best to do this sooner rather than later as the ripples may increase in severity over time, making the problem worse and more difficult to fix. If the buckling is extreme, it may be a good idea to have the creases professionally removed. However, if it is not severe, it is entirely possible to do the re-stretch yourself.

1. Remove all furniture from the room. This step is essential as the heavy weight from furniture will inhibit the carpet’s ability to stretch properly.

2. Lift the carpet off the tack strips. Start in the corner of the room and gently pull the carpet off the tack strips that are holding it in place. Only lift the carpet off the strips along the edges closest to the buckled area.

3. Inspect the tack strips and ensure they are in good condition. If the nails are rusted or bent, replace the affected sections with new tack strips before continuing to step 4.

4. Stretch the carpet. A power stretcher is required to adequately stretch the carpet. These are readily available for rent. Follow the instructions for use and stretch perpendicular to the ripples. Ensure the carpet is securely attached the tack strips and rest any excess carpet up the wall.

5. Trim the excess carpet using a wall cutter. If you don’t have one, it is possible to complete this task using a utility knife.

6. Reinstall the furniture, taking care to lift heavy items opposed to dragging them.

7. Know your limits. If the buckled area is situated near heat vents, bannister posts or seams, it is a better idea to leave the job to the professionals. These areas require extra care in order to ensure the re-stretched carpet fits around these objects.

8. Now that your buckled carpet is fixed, you’ll want to make sure your carpet is clean and free from any carpet stains. A deep carpet clean can leave your carpet smelling fresh and looking new!

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