importance of mulching

The Importance of Mulching

Not sure why people use mulch? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all about the importance of mulching.

Clean Appearance

First and foremost, mulching helps to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. It can help you achieve a uniform look across your whole space, tieing everything together cohesively.

Nutrient Feed

Organic mulches will break down over time, eventually putting more nutrients back into the soil. This is great news for your plants as they will continue to enjoy nutrients from the mulch even after it is no longer providing other benefits.

Prevents Soil Compaction

Mulching has many significant benefits, one of which is its ability to prevent soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs when a force pushes air and water out of the soil, leaving it in a more dense form. As a result, plants no longer have enough space to expand their roots and grow properly. The roots are unable to take up adequate water or nutrients from the soil, resulting in halted growth.

Prevents Weeds

Another fantastic benefit of mulching is the fact that is can prevent weeds. Love to weed your garden? We didn’t think so. By adding a layer of mulch around your plants, invasive weeds will have a difficult time trying to grow in your garden.

Soil Insulation

Need to improve your soil insulation? Mulching could be the answer you’re looking for. It can help insulate the soil by providing a buffer from heat or cold temperatures.

Water Retention

Mulch also helps with water retention by keeping the plant’s roots cool. This is especially useful in hot climates or in Summer as it minimises the frequency of watering required. In turn, this saves water. The mulch will also prevent soil from splashing up onto the plants when it rains.

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