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Keeping Your Carpet Clean with Pets

Have you got a pet and find it a bit challenging keeping your carpet fresh and clean? Read our handy tips on ways to maintain a pet-proof carpet!

Keep your Pet Clean
Regularly bathing your pet can keep that funky smell under control, especially for dogs! An area often missed is their ears, which can build up with dirt and grime. Give them a good clean to avoid and build up. Wash their bedding and blankets at the same time, this will ensure a nice fresh and clean area.

Wipe Muddy Paws
Is your pet bringing in muddy paws and walking all over the carpet? Try cleaning their paws before you let them inside. Keep a towel near the door and a bottle of water to use, dips their paws in case they are extra dirty and wipe clean.

Groom your Pet
Regular grooming such as brushing and clipping your pet’s fur means less shedding; less fur on your carpet and furniture, and a comfortable pet. win-win!

Watch What They Eat
Ensure you’re feeding your pet nutritious food free from artificial colours. If your pet has an accident, the colour from the food can stain the carpet, making it messy and hard to clean.

Vacuum Regularly
Frequent vacuuming removes dirt, and prevents grime getting into the pile, thus extending the life of your carpet!

Clean up Accidents… as soon as they happen!
No matter how well trained your pet is, let’s face it – accidents happen! It’s a good idea to clean them up as soon as you can. Leaving pet urine or vomit can cause your carpet to stain and smell. If you get into the habit of cleaning it straight away, it will let your pet know that it’s not their toilet area and they will (hopefully!) avoid doing it again.

Carpet Stain Removal by Realdeal Services
Have you got a stubborn carpet stain you need to be removed? RealDeal Services provide quality carpet cleaning services for the most stubborn carpet stains! We only use safe, non-toxic products which are kids and pets friendly. So if you had an accident, act fast and call the professionals from Realdeal Services. Get a free quote!

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