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How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

Not sure how often you should clean your home? If you’re like the rest of us, often things don’t get cleaned until they’re visibly dirty. This is not the most hygienic route to take as often bacteria is invisible to the naked eye.


The bathroom has quite a reputation for harbouring grime and bacteria and subsequently needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis. This weekly cleaning session is essential to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained.

Bed Linen

Bed linens are used every day and subsequently need to be cleaned frequently. The time between required washes is dependent on your sleeping habits. If you shower right before bed, you may be able to go two weeks before washing. However, if you’re a morning shower person, it’s best to wash linens on a weekly basis.


Contrary to popular belief, vacuuming is not the only form of carpet cleaning. In order to prolong the life of the carpet and maintain hygiene, it’s important to have a professional steam clean once a year. RealDeal offer steam cleaning services across the Sydney Metro area.


For many people, the computer is easily one of the dirtiest items they own. So many of us eat at our desks every day, resulting in an even dirtier keyboard and mouse. You should make a habit of cleaning your computer at least once a week to prevent grime and bacteria from building up.

Kitchen Countertop

It may seem like common sense, however, it is important to remember to clean your kitchen countertop daily. It is important to concentrate on areas around the sink as they are more frequently exposed to food scraps and moisture – creating a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.


Wiping up your microwave is a task you should be doing every week. This will ensure that food splatters don’t cross contaminate and leave you with a bad case of food poisoning – no thank you!


Many people only clean their fridges once a year when spring clean time rolls around. However, it is a good idea to give your fridge a monthly clean. Studies show that refrigerators often contain unsafe amounts of bacteria – now we wouldn’t want that near our food, would we?


Often cleaned weekly, towels should ideally be cleaned once every three uses. This will ensure they stay minty fresh, clean and fluffy.

RealDeal provide professional cleaning services across Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Get in touch today to discuss your individual needs.

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