Fabric Protector / Scotchguard

Right after you’ve cleaned your carpet or upholstery they look bright and clean, but dirt and stains cling to untreated fabrics and soon became embedded in the fibers.

You can keep them looking fresh and new longer with an application of our Fabric Protector / Scotchgard.

It is a simple spray application, which is non-toxic and kids or pets friendly. It dries quickly leaving no odour.

We use an advanced technology Teflon (by Dupont) which provides more repellency than any other products.

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Additional Information
How it works

Our fabric protector makes carpets and upholstery easier to care for by keeping dirt from sticking to it.

– Repels most liquids
– Allows spills to be removed before staining
– Quickly dries
– Non-toxic


Fabric protection only costs a fraction of replacing your stained carpet or upholdtery.

Sofas – $20 per seat
Dining Chairs – $10 per chair
Carpets – $30 per room