A garden bed renovation and mulching is the easiest and usually the most affordable way to drastically enhance he appearance of you property.

All gardeners agree that mulching bare ground and around plants is the most effective way to create a low maintenance garden.

If you want to design your ideal garden, just give us a call and you will find a solution that fits your budget.

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Additional Information
How it works

Mulch has many benefits, amongst them:

– Suppress weeds;
– Controls erosion;
– Helps the soil to retain moisture;
– Regulates roots zone temperature; Increase population of earthworm and beneficial soil microbes;
– Make the garden look well kept.


We are constantly monitoring our competitors to make sure our prices are the most competitive for the level of service we offer.

Mulch – from $55 per m3 + delivery fee.
Labour – $45p/h – 1 man crew.
Labour – $85p/h – 2men crew..