Water Extraction

Water damaged carpets require immediate action.

12 hours is sufficient time for mold to develop, and if you haven’t taken action by then, you may be at risk for hazardous allergens.

Depending on the source of the incoming water, your carpet can be returned to its original condition without compromising your health and safety.

If you unfortunately suffered any form of flood or water damage to your carpet, act fast, call us now on 0430 156 006 and have your carpet immediately restored.

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Additional Information
How it works

Bellow is a list of our water damage restoration procedures, please note that some restorations may not require all the services bellow

– Water extraction;
– Movement of furniture and carpet lifting;
– Installation of drying equipment;
– Carpet relaying;
– Cleaning, micobrial treatment and deodourising


Each water damage restoration job is unique and a precise cost for entire process can only be determined during the water extraction phase.

Water extraction – from $140
Hire of carpet dryer – $ 80 per day
Hire of dehumidifier – $ 120 per day